Monitoring in real-time. Detecting changes in hemodynamic features. Alerting response. Enabling early treatment.


First medical device with an
AI- alert of an impending stroke
based on biological mimicry.


Avertto learns personalized baseline hemodynamic features using unique long-term big data.


Avertto’s AI continuously analyzes stroke probability by detecting deviations from individual baseline activity.


Avertto identifies a stroke risk, notifying and calls responsive care. GPS enables a universally location, accessible healthcare and immediate treatment.


Its about time Early Detection and Intervention


Utilizes proprietary algorithms with an app for sending alerts

Signal Quality
Template matching is utilized to assess pulse waves in compared with prototypical waveform

Deep LearningSelf-learns each patient’s typical baseline activity

OcclusionsDetected as deviations from baseline activity

False alertsAvoided by artifact removal

These techniques enable alerting stroke before permanent damage caused


Unique personalised threshold optimization.


Detecting Large Vessel Occlusions (LVO) Onset during Balloon Occlusion

AI learned personalized baseline hemodynamic activity

Continuously outputs an LVO probability

Alarm triggered above individualized threshold

Using 40% threshold probability, 100% accuracy LVOs detected. No false alarms


Avertto Updates

IIA second year funding

September 2023

Avertto hits its first-year targets, gaining an additional 5M ILS for their innovative stroke monitoring tech. This funds the next multi-center blinded clinical trials, with a 70% funding match, propelling them toward their seed funding.

Asper first prize

June 2023

Avertto claimed the Asper Prize from Hebrew University’s ASPER-HUJI Innovate, winning NIS 100,000 for their stroke-preventing technology. Competing with 44 other startups, Avertto's system for real-time stroke detection and prevention through blood flow monitoring stood out, aiming for timely treatment and aligning with UN SDGs.

Aviram Forbes Finalist Marrakesh

May 2023

StrokeAlert is chosen as one of the 5 finalists in the Aviram Awards from 780 startups, recognized for its potential impact in MENA. Committed to improving lives globally, it aims to detect strokes with technology that enables timely treatment, embodying our mission for humanity’s betterment.

IIA funding

October 2022

StrokeAlert secures 2.5M ILS to develop a stroke monitoring system, focusing on tech development, clinical trials, and market research. The female-led company (Dr. Ben-Pazi) qualifies for 75% funding coverage, with a potential additional 5M ILS upon meeting first-year milestones.


July 2022

Chosen among 85 women-led startups for a 75K Euro EIC grant, the StrokeAlert System stands out for its affordable, unique monitoring, showing promise for broad adoption. Its prototype stands out in this emerging field, marking a successful proof-of-concept with transformative potential in stroke prevention.

OUR values

Avertto Management Code

Positive Mindset: Giving. Gratitude. Hope and Faith. Integrity. Accountability.
Persistence: Grit. Courage. Adventure. Perspective. Ambition.
Proactiveness: Collaboration. Knowledge Sharing. Learning. Caring. Creativity.
Personal: Home. Authenticity. Unique. Well-being.


Experts in medical devices, clinical trials, and global business development.

Dr. Hilla Ben-Pazi
MD, Founder & CEO
A senior neurologist with over two decades of experience in clinical studies and collaborative networks,  founder and owner of the first tele-neurology company in Israel (2017, NeuroCan). Winner of EIC WomenTech leadership program.
Sam Zibman
A Ph.D. in neural computation and over a decade of experience in leading the development of real-time monitoring solutions in medical devices with proficiency in signal processing and machine learning. He formerly spearheaded the data science and electric field simulation at BrainsWay as a senior neuroscientist.
Yaniv Kirma
BSc. EE and Physics, VP R&D
Over 25 years of experience in the medical and defense industries in various roles, such as CEO of Endoways, CEO of FiberNova, Co-Founder, VP of R&D, and General Manager at EndoChoice.
Ornit Yanai-Kohelet
Over twenty years experience leading clinical trial operations and managing regulatory affairs locally and globally within the device, biologics, and pharmaceutical arena and under GCP, SoPs, and local regulations.


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